Career Recognised is committed to maintaining and safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of all of the Career Recognised individual candidate’s information in accordance with the Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner requirements and in conformance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Career Recognised has clearly documented procedures implemented into daily operations to assure the integrity and privacy of all personal information submitted as part of the RPL process.

Wherever possible, printed / hard copy candidate records are not used at Career Recognised and only electronic records of candidates are stored.  Electronic records are backed up weekly and are protected from unauthorized access by encryption and administration password controls.

Further computer system protection is provided by firewall, malware and antivirus software systems, which monitor and protect our server and computer systems from unauthorized access from the internet. These systems are monitored by our IT Administration team and automatically update their operating systems and protocols on a daily basis.

The Applicant’s RPL Assessment Kit is sent to our RTO Partners via Citrix Sharefile system which offers full privacy and encryption of the data contained within the folders being sent.  Once sent, it can only be accessed via a link that is received by the RTO.

Our RTO Partners are also aware that it is essential to keep this information private and secure. This is included as part of our Memorandum of Understanding which are signed, and establish our Partnering Agreements.


If you have Qualifications that have been attained through previous study, you should consider this to be important evidence to support your Application. If they were issued by an Australian RTO, they will also include an Academic Transcript which provides a full listing of all the Units of Competency that were successfully completed as part of the Qualification.

The RPL Assessor will be able to review the Units for which you were deemed Competent and wherever possible, the Applicant will be given Credit Transfer. If you have previously completed Units of Competency that are included in the Qualification that you are seeking via RPL, then you will not need to complete these Units and will be deemed Competent. This ensures that you only have to provide evidence for a reduced number of Units to complete the Qualification.

If you have International Qualifications for submitting, the Credit Transfer process cannot be completed unless you have had the Qualifications verified by Australian Education International (AEI), which is an Australian Government organisation. Higher education, post-secondary, technical and vocational overseas qualifications can be assessed for general purposes and fees apply. Please note that AEI qualification recognition assessments can take up to 3 months, so this should be undertaken before commencing RPL.


Any RPL Applicants that are found to submit work that is not their own as evidence, plagiarised or in breach of the Copyright Act 1968and Trademarks Act 1965 will have their RPL Application suspended IMMEDIATELY. 

If the RPL Application is suspended, you will be notified of this in writing within 24 hours and the Head Assessor will review the evidence to make a determination if there is a non-conformance issue and if further action needs to be taken.

Serious breaches will result in IMMEDIATE termination of the RPL process and the relevant authorities will be notified.

If an RPL Application is found to be in serious breach of this policy and their RPL Application is suspended, no refund will be given.


Career Recognised is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  Instead, we have “Partnering Agreements” with many of Australia’s most established and reputable RTOs to conduct a review and assessment of RPL applications on their behalf.  You will be advised during the Application process on which RTO will be issuing your Qualification.

By working directly with RTOs, we use their assessment tools to ensure that we follow the correct Assessment Process so that the applicant can be issued with Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

By entering into Partnering Agreements with RTOs, GQA maintains compliance in accordance with the requirements of The Standards”.

All RPL Applicants are provided with a copy of the Career Recognised RPL Information Kit which provides details of all the requirements for completing theRPL Application and Assessment process, along with suitable evidence that will support your application.



Within the first 7 days, an applicant can submit a refund request to the Career Recognised Refunds Department where a decision will be made under the below Guidelines within a 4 week period. If the Refund request proceeds, there will be a 25% administration fee applicable to the total cost plus any transaction processing fees.

If there is any default on the Payment Plan payment, there will be a $20.00 Default Payment Fee applicable, deducted from the full refund amount.

After these 7 days, the full fee is forfeited if an applicant decides to withdraw from the RPL process.

Career Recognised may refund fees in limited circumstances. This policy outlines where a refund may apply and the process for requesting a refund.

To request a refund of fees paid to Career Recognised for the following programs, applicants must complete the relevant Refund Request form and send it to the organisation as set out in this Refund Policy and Procedure.

This policy applies to fees paid for the:

  • Skills recognition or RPL services; and

  • Online studies.


Fees will only be refunded by Career Recognised where a participant/applicant:

  • Pays duplicate fees for the one service;

  • Makes an overpayment; and

  • Has submitted all evidence to Career Recognised, however the RTO which has reviewed the submitted portfolio and application has determined that there is not enough valid, current, authentic and sufficient evidence to grant competency.


Career Recognised may, at its discretion, refund a fee for reasons other than those described above. Career Recognised will advise the participant/applicant to apply for a refund should this occur.


To avoid doubt, Career Recognised does not accept the following circumstances as grounds for the refund of fees and will not refund fees where:

  • An applicant merely changes his/her mind;

  • An applicant is unable to provide documentation to support the claim for a refund;

  • An applicant provides forged or plagiarised documentation, or the organisation discovers that provided documents are not valid in any way;

  • An applicant refuses to provide evidence;

  • An applicant has exceeded the 90 day limit (from enrolment in the RPL process) in which an application is required to be completed in, without an extension being granted;

  • An applicant refuses all avenues for gaining evidence e.g. theoretical or practical assessment;

  • An applicant falsely claims that he/she is able to provide evidence for the portfolio, but neglects to do so; and

  • An applicant has requested a refund outside of the 7 day period.


Applicants must complete and sign a Career Recognised Refund Request Form. This form can be requested from the refund department. The Career Recognised Refund Request Form may be posted, emailed as a PDF or faxed to Career Recognised.

Career Recognised will consider the refund request and determine whether a refund will be given based on the Career Recognised eligibility guidelines.

Career Recognised will notify the applicant of the outcome of the refund request within 30 working days of receiving the Career Recognised Refund Request Form. Career Recognised will arrange for the refund to be processed if the refund request is approved. Processing times may vary.

Please note, when requesting a Refund, full compliance to the Career Recognised Refund Policy must be fully adhered to at all times. 


A candidate may appeal against a decision by the organisation not to grant a refund or only grant a partial refund, where the candidate believes that the organisation has not assessed or processed the refund request in accordance with this policy and procedure; or not all relevant information was taken into account when the refund was assessed.

Appeals against the calculation of the refund amount and/or refund method under this policy should, in first instance, be addressed in writing to the Chief Financial Officer who will deal with the complaint and provide a written response within 10 working days. Where a candidate agrees to the terms of this policy, such agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the candidate to take further action under the Australian consumer protection laws.


Career Recognised has a 100% Money Back Guarantee should we be unable to get you the qualification. This means that after you have provided us with all your mentioned evidence and after exhausting all possible avenues, if the Registered Training Organisation deems you not yet competent and you are unable to meet the requirements of the qualification, you will be eligible for a 100% refund of your paid fees.


The time frame for completion of the RPL Application process is 90 days from the date of payment. Requests for extensions will be considered on an “individual case basis”.

Applicants have 90 days to provide full documentation to verify their competency, as well as allow time for the RPL Application to be completed by the RPL Assessor and be submitted to the RTO for final review and processing.

By special request, applicants may be granted an additional, complimentary 2 week extension on the initial 90 day RPL Application time frame, if extra time is needed to submit the necessary documentation to prove competency.

All requests seeking the complimentary 2 week extension must be requested in writing 7 days prior to the end of the initial 90 day RPL Assessment period without any additional cost.

If you are still unable to complete the RPL Application Process within the complimentary 2 week period, then an additional 14 days may be granted, and must be requested in writing 7 days prior to the end of the 2 week complimentary period. Please note that this will, however, incur an additional fee of $100 per week for the final additional 2 week extension.






When you first submit your Resume / CV for review by an RPL Assessor, they will conduct a comprehensive review and will only recommend for you to complete Qualifications that are relevant to your career and industry experience.  It is important that you are honest about the skills you have developed and the jobs performed in your career as this is the basis upon which the RPL Assessor makes recommendations.

Throughout the RPL process, your Assessor will assist and support you in gathering suitable evidence to support your RPL Application so that you can verify competency in all Units to achieve a Qualification.

When Applicants are unable to provide valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence to support the full number of Units of Competency for the Qualification, then they may need to complete some form of Gap Training.  This is usually conducted by completing reports, assignments or question & answer assessments.

Additional charges apply for conducting Gap Training and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

These additional assessments will be supplied to the Applicant by the RPL Assessor and can be completed “on the job” as a self paced process before being returned.  The tools and resources used for Gap Training will relate directly to the Units of Competency that need to be achieved so that there is no ambiguity or confusion for the Applicant.

Once the Gap Training has been completed, they are sent back to the RPL Assessor for review before further Competency Conversations are undertaken with the Applicant to verify competency.

If Applicants are unable to successfully complete Gap Training to support all Units of Competency, then a Statement of Attainment will be issued that provides a full listing of the Units that have been successfully completed.


If for any reason you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your RPL Assessor, or the outcome of the final review of Assessment by the RTO seems unjustified, you can follow an RPL Appeals process to seek resolution.

This process involves:

  1. Send your formal request for Appeal in writing (email or correspondence) marked “Attention Head Assessor” within 14 days of receiving the notification of the unsatisfactory decision.  You can send this directly via email or to the Head Office in Sydney for delivery to the Head Assessor.  Be sure to provide full details of your complaint and why you feel that it needs to be reviewed for Appeal.  You can also contact GQA and ask to speak with the Head Assessor directly on 133 775 if you need to clarify requirements for Appealing an RPL decision.

  2. The formal written complaint requiring Appeal will be distributed to:

    • Career Recognised Head Assessor;

    • Career Recognised Managing Director;

    • Director of the RTO and;

    • RPL Assessor involved in the Assessment process.

  3. The Appeal will be reviewed by all parties to determine if it is justified and the key points will be considered for further discussion.

  4. If the Appeal is considered valid, a decision will be made for an Appeal Panel to be convened within 14 days from the date of receiving the Appeal Request from the Applicant.  The Appeal Panel will consist of Career Recognised Head Assessor & Managing Director, along with an Executive representative of the RTO.  The RPL Assessor will not be involved at this stage of the process, but they will be required to provide a full response to any complaints that can be reviewed without bias.

  5. The Applicant will be notified via email that an Appeal Panel is to be convened. The date will be noted and the issues to be discussed will be listed.

  6. The Appeal Panel will meet on the determined date and discussion will take place to make a determination on the relevant points contained in the written Appeal, and to consider detailed recommendations for resolution of the issues. The recommendations for resolution will be detailed in writing and sent to the Applicant within 24 hours of convening the Appeals Panel.

  7. Recommendations for resolution will be sent to the Applicant for review, and he/she will then have a right to reply, which must be received by the Career Recognised Head Assessor within 14 days from the outcome being received via email.

  8. If the Applicant is not satisfied with the options or recommendations that have been made for resolution of the complaints detailed for Appeal, they have a right to make a formal complaint to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).



In the process of developing assessment tools to verify evidence for RPL Assessment, Career Recognised pay particular attention to the language, literacy and numeracy skill level of the Applicant and the requirements of the Units of Competency.

In VET and adult education, there is often a tendency to rely on written tests and essays, particularly in Assessment of knowledge.  However, the RPL Assessment process allows for greater flexibility in methods for gathering evidence and it is personalised to the specific needs of each Applicant.

Additionally, for many Training Packages, writing and numeracy skills are either not determined within the Units of Competency, or it is a minimal requirement to perform the described work task.  Your RPL Facilitator will take this into consideration when assisting you to select the most appropriate Units to complete and evidence that supports your skills.


Making a positive contribution to the community and increasing Australia’s ability to remain at the forefront of global competitiveness is a key consideration in Career Recognised business mission and goals.

With this in mind, Career Recognised places great emphasis on consideration of full social inclusion in the methods and processes used to conduct RPL Applications and Assessments.  We are responsive to the diverse needs of our Applicants by providing services that contribute to inclusiveTertiary Education and avoid the exclusion of unfairly disadvantaged Applicants.

Career Recognised maintains policies and operating procedures that provide reliable, flexible and adaptable service allowing for the specific needs of each individual Applicant.  We are responsive to any special requests or considerations and maintain an innovative spirit to foster and support each Applicant to assist with the successful attainment of the Qualification they are seeking.

In order to achieve this, Career Recognised will always:

  • develop products and services that consider social inclusion;

  • consider the social, cultural and educational background of all our Applicants;

  • provide support and assistance for Applicants that strengthens social inclusion;

  • challenge anyone that privileges certain groups over others;

  • maintain flexible approaches that contribute to an inclusive Tertiary education system and;

  • regularly review our policies procedures, systems and services to ensure social inclusion and diversity is maintained


This is the recognition of any current Australian Qualifications that you have completed. Qualifications that have been attained through previous studies provide important evidence to support your application. When Qualifications are issued by an RTO, they will include an Academic Transcript providing a full listing of all Units of Competency that were successfully completed.

Assessors will review the Units and wherever possible, “credit transfers” will be applied. If you have previously completed units that are included in the Qualification you are seeking via RPL, you will not need to complete these and you will be immediately deemed competent. This ensures that you only have to provide evidence for the remaining units to complete the Qualification.


General Advice

Get Qualified Australia Pty Ltd (GQA) will continuously update its website without notice to ensure the information presented is true and accurate and reflect the regulators Policies, Procedures and our partner Registered Training Organisations Processes including any other industry requirement.

As some of the qualifications offered have a potential licensing outcome, it is important to ensure GQ encourages all its applicants to visit their relevant industry regulator Website and call the licensing body to confirm information to those of industry regulators and licensing bodies.

GQ will in no event be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or circumstantial damages that may arise for the use of any advice and/or information provided on the GQ Website including without limitation, any loss of profits or business interruptions.

This statement also applies to all other GQ Pty Ltd domains, links and media pages.

Evidence must be in English, or translated, and have a Statutory Declaration that has been sighted and signed by a Justice of the Peace.