About us


Established in 2017 Career Recognised holds several years of deep knowledge in RPL process and solutions for several industries. Career Recognised has all tools to lead you through the recognition of the skills and qualifications you are looking for. Career Recognised's RPL services holds high level of customer satisfaction, due to its industry experienced staff who assist you in the skills recognition process, ensuring that the process is easy and fast for you.

The RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is built for individuals who have acquired appropriate knowledge and skills, by professional or educational means, during they course of life, either in Australia or overseas. RTOs evaluate one's skills and knowledge obtained in a practical, non-formal or formal learning experience as means of evaluating whether one's can be eligible to a specific relevant Australian qualification.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the right pathway to several professionals who have qualifications or experience in Australia or offshore who are looking for Australian qualifications as they are required in the Australian market. However, some are not aware that it is possible, or those who have looked into it might wonder if the process is long and complicated. Getting recognised for prior learning with Career Recognised is simple, fast and cheaper, so get assessed today.